Purple-Red Dian Hong Mini-Bricks

All the proceeds support the creation of Light Meets Life!

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An amazing aged mini-brick of Dian Hong!

We found these amazing little bricks at a dear friend’s tea shop and fell in love with them. They are composed of leaves from wild, purple-bud trees in Menghai County. Having such reddish-purple buds is a common mutation, especially for seed-propagated tea. This purple-red Dian Hong is very different than last year’s Evening Sky from De Hong, however. It is stronger, more pungent and maybe best brewed gongfu.

The tea is five to ten year old, though compressed in 2015! The liquor is bright, aromatic and has a strong, vigorous Qi. We have had some amazing tea sessions with this tea. And since it was partially donated, these small bricks are very affordable!

Please contribute what you can for this amazing little 100g of tea. The minimum is US 15$ + shipping.

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