Annual Global Tea Hut Trips

Annual Global Tea Hut Trips

It is time for our 2018 annual Global Tea Hut trip!

It is time for our 2018 annual Global Tea Hut trip!

But first, let’s remember our lovely trips so far…

But first, let’s remember our lovely trips so far…

Here are some memories from the 2017 trip to Anhui and Yixing

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Here are some memories from the 2016 trip to Yunnan, birthplace of Tea

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Here are some memories from the 2015 trip to Wuyi Mountain, Fujian

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And here are some memories from the 2014 trip to Yunnan

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This year, we are traveling deep into oolong country

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April 14-24, 2018

This year, we are soaring on the back of the black dragon (oolong)

We will start out in Fujian, potentially visiting organic farms in Anxi and Quanzhou with a possible stop in De Hua to see the porcelain. We already have some beautiful contacts in these locations and many wild trees to see, along with tea processing and other tea glories. Due to time constraints, we haven’t yet organized the exact details of the first leg of the trip. This will all be ironed out by the end of January, but we wanted to let you apply and start planning now.

After Fujian, we will head to Chaozhou, the birthplace of gongfu tea. We will meet with tea lovers, potters, charcoal stove makers and see all kinds of tea brewing. Everyone in Chaozhou drinks gongfu tea, even roadside noodle vendors who pour a cup or two between customers. We will be taught various gongfu brewing methods and visit all kind of historic tea sites.

Then, we will travel to Phoenix Mountain to drink tea and meditate beneath the ancient tea trees there, witnessing and participating in the production of traditional dancong oolong tea. The gorgeous old trees on Phoenix Mountain are called “single bush (dancong)” because they are processed individually, tree by tree. This tradition does continue even today. This is a must-visit site for tea lovers, and a trip to Phoenix Mountain will ensure that we all learn a tremendous amount about oolong tea!

Finally, we will end our trip in Hong Kong. We are planning some amazing activities while there, including a meditation session at an ancient temple, our last tea beneath the giant Buddha and a huge farewell feast at an excellent vegetarian restaurant.

Like previous years, we will arrange 2-3 epic tea sessions along the way, pooling our money to purchase some rare aged oolong and puerh teas. This year, we are going to get a 100-year-old oolong and try to drink a stellar puerh (perhaps red mark)!

We will once again be guided by the gracious Mr. Liang and perhaps Henry Yiow for part of the way, ensuring that there will be plenty to learn. As usual, Wu De will offer discourses every evening to give context to our trip and education along the way.

We will start a newsletter very soon, offering participants details about where we will meet, how to get a visa and exact dates for each location along the way. Once your place on the trip is secure, you will automatically be put on the list and updated accordingly. We can’t wait to share another epic year of tea travels together!

Here are some details you need to know before signing up:

1) In order to be eligible for the annual Global Tea Hut Trip, you have to have been a member for the entirety of the previous year, in other words from January to December of 2017. If this is not the case, we can put you on a waiting list in case a spot opens.

2) After being accepted, we are asking for a minimum contribution of 700 USD towards the Center and Global Tea Hut. This support will not go towards your trip. It is a contribution to help keep this project moving and help facilitate the tremendous amount of work that goes into planning a trip like this. We also need to facilitate the travel of all the people at the Center. This support will reserve your spot. You can get a refund of your contribution if you cancel at least 3 weeks in advance of April 14th, i.e. by late-March. (Please do not send your contribution until you have filled out an application below and been contacted by one of us.)

3) Filling out an application does not gaurantee a spot on this year’s trip. We only have space for 40 people. We are also reserving several spots for those who have never been on a trip before. Spots will primarily be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Latecomers will then go on a waiting list…

4) We are estimating a cost of around 1,000-1,500 USD for the trip. This doesn’t include your contribution to Global Tea Hut (minimum 700$), airfare or visa for China. We will pay when we arrive there and over the course of the trip istelf, not in advance. This will include accomodations and transport around China, including guides. There will be very few opportunities for buying things, including tea. It is important that you remember who and where you buy tea reflects on us as a group and affects the feelings of some of our hosts. This is an educational, loving, fun and learning pilgrimage; not a chance to bring home lots of tea!

5) You will make a commitment to follow all the guidelines of our Center, Tea Sage Hut, over the course of this trip. This means that you will be vegetarian for the entire duration of the trip, with our without the group, will participate in all group activities, lectures and meditations, surrending to the schedule and also act with respect and upright integrity towards all the guides, teachers and friends on this trip, helping to create a loving and happy experience for everyone!

Please fill out this Application and wait for word from us:

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