Kettle Set IV
Kettle Set IV

Kettle Set IV


Kettle Set 4 is 2 Kettles + 1 Brazier + an alcohol burner + a charcoal basket
These sixth-generation kettles are a great way to start your tea journey. The kettles are replicas of the antique iron tetsubin that we use the most here at the Center and the braziers are replicas of our own Ming Dynasty clay brazier, connecting you energetically to our lineage and all that we do here at the Center! Every detail of these kettles was designed and improved upon by Wu De for specific function, including the handle, the placement of the carb hole, the spout, etc. 100% of the proceeds from this kettle will also go towards building a future, bigger version of our tea Center, “Light Meets Life.”

Handle Wrap
You can also add on a handle wrap for your kettles here. You can choose from a hemp or rattan handwoven wrap for your handle. 

ClayThese are made from a blend of various strong stonewares that can withstand heat and make smooth, soft and bright water for tea. We are very impressed by them. They can be used on gas, electric, infrared and also charcoal. (If you use gas, keep the flame low and maybe invest in a handle grip as the handle may get hot for around 1-2 minutes, which goes away after you transfer the kettle to the alcohol brazier.) The kettles are just under 2 liters.
HandleThese hand-cast handles were designed by Wu De, with a subtle indentation for your index finger to make for smooth and soft pouring. (We always recommend pouring from the kettle with your index finger riding down the handle.) They will “season” over time, changing in appearance as your hand touches them.
BrazierOur second-generation braziers are replicas of a Ming Dynasty clay stove we have here at the Center, with an added dragon ouroboros over the larger hole for increased airflow. We have also added a notch to the top plate so that it is easier to remove even after the alcohol lamp is lit. It burns better and brighter than the previous model. You can control the temperature by raising or lowering the wick. If you want, the top of the whole brazier comes off. Take out the alcohol lamp and use a charcoal basket for the whole apparatus to become a charcoal stove.