Incense Course

Incense Course


Like Tea, incense ceremony is a powerful way to practice mindfulness and then share it with others. Our teacher, Chen Yuting always says that the mind creates the aroma. As Chajin, we know that our bowl reflects our practice—both our skill, and our state of mind. In incense, we also use another plant medicine, aloeswood, to connect to Nature and center ourselves. Through this course, we can delight in the bliss of a powerful incense session, cultivate mindfulness and openness to Nature’s healing as well as the ability to share all that with others. Yuting is a wonderful person and a great teacher. Whether you want to understand incense to enhance your tea sessions or to learn traditional incense ceremony itself, this course will be a rewarding exploration into a very familiar and complementary practice to Cha Dao.
Watch all the videos at your own pace, in your own home.

There is no schedule: pause and take notes, pick up later, learning in your own way!
What you will learn
  • All about the utensils used in incense ceremony
  • Decoration and preparation for incense ceremony
  • Incense for tea
  • Different ceremonial methods, including a simple way to start your practice
  • Details into several of the skills needed to conduct incense ceremony, including practices you can repeat
What you get
  • Hours of instructions on all areas of incense ceremony
  • Different methods of ceremony to practice
  • How-to guides for holding and using the utensils
  • Several homework practices to repeat and work on
  • Several resources to read on aloeswood and other aspects of incense ceremony
  • Bonus lesson with Master Tsai on the parallels of tea and incense