Four Great Names Wuyi Cliff Tea
Four Great Names Wuyi Cliff Tea
Four Great Names Wuyi Cliff Tea

Four Great Names Wuyi Cliff Tea


This a very special opportunity to get some of the rarest tea on Earth. This is a very special treasure box indeed, and one of the highest quality teas we have ever offered.
These are the “Four Great Names” of Wuyi Cliff Tea: The Emperor’s Long Red Cape, Iron Arhat, Golden Water Tortoise and White Cockscomb. These teas are all completely handmade in the most traditional way. From harvest through withering, from firing to rolling and roasting to sorting and packaging, these teas were all fully hand-processed. The tea itself was selected from authentic old-growth trees inside the park.
These teas were partially donated through the generosity of our tea brother, Huang Shen Hui, whom we have written about in past issues of Global Tea Hut. The cost here is actually incredibly affordable.
Bei Dou Yi Hao is first-generation Da Hong Pao, which means direct cuttings from the six ancient trees (perhaps the most famous tea trees on earth) and transplanted in Bei Dou. This tea tastes like the spritz from an orange. It is the best of all Cliff Tea, and the closest ordinary mortals can come to the original six trees.
Tie Luo Han means “Iron Arhat.” An arhat is a Buddhist saint. This tea is strong and bright with translucent Qi. It is said to taste of toasted bamboo. The buds are often purplish and the tea bold and strong.
Shui Jing Gui, or Golden Water Tortoise, is said to taste of osmanthus. It is bright, clear and precious. The Qi is incredibly uplifting—one of the most transcendent of all oolong teas we have tried.
Bai Ji Guan, or White Cockscomb, is one of the most unique tea trees on earth, as the leaves are very yellowish-white until they are fully mature. This tea is one of the most delicious of all types of Cliff Tea, tasting of lychee.

100 grams (4 x 25 grams)