Storage Set

Storage Set



“Wet storage” is the modern way of discussing traditional storage, or what was just “puerh storage” back in the day. All tea was wet-stored, in other words. Wet storage simply means that it was stored in a place or area with more humidity. But that is relative, so you have to wonder more humidity than where…
This set allows you to taste a 2000 wet-stored Purple Sky replica and The Crane, a Xiaguan iron discus cake from 2001. The tight compression and the fact that The Crane was kept in Taiwan from birth until now on the fourth floor of a storage warehouse means that the storage is considered “dry.” Tight compression slows down fermentation, as does the elevation (reducing humidity). The Purple Sky, on the other hand was stored in wet conditions. Together you can learn firsthand the difference between wet and dry storage from cakes of the same age—around twenty years of such storage.
2 x 50 gram bags.