Yiwu Exploration Set

Yiwu Exploration Set


The Yiwu Exploration Set has three 50g bags of our favorite teas from the region. All three stunning teas are ready to drink now and are also ideal candidates for aging if you want to keep enjoying them for years to come. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and compare different teas from the same place and cultivate your knowledge of this important tea region.

Like the name would suggest, Ordinary Treasure is an often overlooked gem. This 2004 tea cake is a mix of Yiwu tea and old-growth tea and has been traditionally processed. The leaves were grown without any chemicals and the tea has been stored in Taiwan. This is one of our all-time favorite teas and fortunately for us, the puerh market passed it over, making it more affordable for us and you!

Fragrant Mountain is a genuine old-growth Yiwu tea made from wild leaves. Also from 2004, Fragrant Mountain was originally a private order from a Hong Kong merchant. Like Ordinary Treasure, this tea was also produced by the Changtai Tea Company, however it is a higher quality tea. It was stored in Hong Kong until 2007 and then was moved over to Taiwan, where it has been aging ever since.

Spirit Path is a bright, gorgeous and pure example of what Yiwu has to offer. This 2002 puerh cake comes from a time when Yiwu was still pristine. Privately commissioned by a dear friend of ours, Spirit Path is made completely of old-growth leaves and was processed start to finish on the mountain itself. This is one of the best puerhs we have ever tasted, it’s a tea not to be missed!