Tea & Teaware


Changing the world bowl by bowl

Claudia Befu (Austria)

My subscription to Global Tea Hut keeps me connected to the essence of tea.

Emily Doyle (Canada)

Receiving this subscription reminds me, in that moment, and in each steeping that I am apart of a community.

Camila Santos (USA)

Receiving my Global Tea Hut subscription is pure joy. I feel like a child on Christmas Day. Sitting down to read or try the tea of ​​the months have become my favorite activities.

Emma Potz (USA)

My favorite day of the month is the day when Global Tea Hut arrives at my doorstep. I love opening the package to discover a new tea and pages full of wisdom that brings me deeper and deeper into the world of the Leaf!

Alisa Ratner (USA)

It is astonishing that so much material about Zen and Tea is available in English, and is published quarterly, and arrives from Taiwan in my mailbox complete with clean & sustainable tea!

Rich Allum (UK)

Each package we receive an opportunity to study and experience a different aspect from the world, and the Way, of tea. Global Tea Hut is so much more than a magazine though, it is a community, a family and a treasure!