You may regard gathering tea leaves and laying out teaware as just something one would do when receiving a guest whom you intend to engage in heartfelt discussion. However, a considerable group of people have established their own philosophy concerning this practicethey comprise the monks, shamans, poets and writers who possess the capacity to renounce their heart’s desires; discipline their minds to transcend the boundaries of material existence; do not sway to worldly fashions and do not allow themselves to be corrupted by worldly conventions. Some of them gather in the mountains, among springs and rocks; some, under groves of pine and bamboo; others, under the brilliance of the moon and a refreshing breeze, and others, in rooms with large, bright windows. They believe that only within such environs is it possible to converse at leisure, explore the esoteric, engage with Creation, purify their hearts and minds and produce genius. They instruct one apprentice to place an incense burner and tea-stove before them and another to bring out teaware. They then scoop water from a spring into a vessel to be boiled.

— Zhu Quan, Prince of Ning (寧王朱權, 1378–1448)

Global Tea Hut Headquarters

Global Tea Hut headquarters is two large offices located in Miaoli, Taiwan. We have a whole floor of tea and meditation rooms and would be honored to host you for a day of tea and a home-cooked meal. You can take a tour of our offices, meet the whole Global Tea Hut staff and then sit down for some cozy tea and a chat, or perhaps a more tranquil and meditative session if you prefer.

Teeline Tea Hut

Teeline Tea Hut is a warm and welcoming community of tea lovers that share our passion for the Leaf through weekly tea ceremonies in Tallinn, Estonia. Every month, they also host one-day silent tea and meditation retreats to deepen a connection with tea. Our cozy and inviting tea space is located in the old town, but our hut also wanders into Nature to host ceremonies there as well. Come visit this magical place and join us for some tea!

Ojai Tea Hut

Just north of Los Angeles in the lovely town of Ojai we have a very cozy and intimate little tea space nestled down a quiet garden path that feels much like a Western roji, or “dewy path.” We host several ceremonies throughout the week, tastings and occasionally have workshops as well. Everyone in the community is warm and kind, full of tea spirit and the hospitality is unmatched. Come join us for some tea.

Village Tea Hut

The stunning Village Tea Hut offers daily tea ceremony, workshops and our teas and teaware to the Orange County community. Located in Newport Beach, Village Tea Hut is a warm and inviting space that welcomes all to enjoy the benefits of tea, stillness and community. The space and community are warm, bright and inviting. They host daily sits and many types of events, collaborations and even get-togethers.

Boulder Tea Hut

Boulder Tea Hut has a warm community teahouse in town and an intimate Japanese-style tea house nestled in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. In town we offer sits in a larger space, workshops, access to a large collection of tea, a wide range of antique teaware with which experienced Chajin can experiment, a library, fine tea and teaware to deepen your practice and a path for people to begin pouring with us. The mountain tea house is next to a spring and is mainly for small contemplative gatherings.

More locations coming soon...