Through tea make friends

Global Tea Hut is first and foremost a community of tea lovers in sixty countries around the world. Some of us are oriented towards tea as a wonderful pastime, a hobby, while others see tea as a healthy beverage. Many of us approach tea as a meditation, ceremony or as an aspect of spiritual cultivation, but none of that is the glue that binds this global community. We are ultimately all bound by one thing only: a love of tea. We all love the Leaf. And that is the only requirement for membership.

Of course, if one loves a leaf, one must love the forest, which encourages tea lovers to actively pursue, discuss and promote sustainability, knowing that if Nature is threatened, the forest and leaf are as well. For that reason, this community is committed to sustainable, healthy, happy tea as well.

The Global Tea Hut experience—this magazine, tea and the sharing of it—forges bonds of friendship around the world. Global Tea Hut brings tea lovers together, so that seasoned hands may help beginners find their way. Through this fellowship, tea fosters connection and peace amongst humankind. In that way, tea really can change the world, bowl by bowl, cup by cup…




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Kristina Clark (USA)

I have found Global Tea Hut to be the most accessible and thorough resource about tea in the English language, and it is a delight to drink the tea of the month with other tea lovers all over the world, while supporting clean, living tea and the farmers.

Frederik Wallin (Sweden)

I subscribed to Global Tea Hut because it seemed like an exciting new way of looking at things with tea as a starting point. Now having been a member for 4 years I never realized that this would extend to include my whole life and change the way I see things. With the best community I know I have grown to include tea as daily medicine and brought myself closer to who I want to be.

Marcel Kempf (Germany)

I subscribed to the Global Tea Hut magazine about 4 years ago to learn more about tea and tea culture. Over the course of the years I was not disappointed; each issue is filled with tea and zen wisdom that can inspire one in their learning. Truly the best tea publication in the world!

Kristen Fix (USA)

For years the Global Tea Hut has been a source of joy each month as I excitedly wait for the magazine and tea to arrive in the mail. I love all things tea related so when I was introduced to this magazine by a dear tea friend, I knew I had to subscribe. Little did I know at that time that this decision would stretch so much further than a regular magazine subscription. My love of tea, my relationship with her, and my knowledge expanded and went much deeper. The magazine also brought me to Yunnan, China for one of the amazing annual tea trips, to Taiwan (now one of my favorite places on the planet!) and the Tea Sage Hut where I have spent time learning and serving fellow tea lovers. And one of the best parts is that I am now part of a global tea community of tea brothers and sisters from all over the world!

Erika Houle (USA)

The Chinese adage "Drink tea, make friends" is no joke. When the world seemed to come apart after some big political shifts, I made a conscious decision to not feed the political anger and instead turn toward being the change I wished to see in the world. Global Tea Hut gave our local community a foundation to build upon and focus point to gather around. A small group of us nurtured our local community which continues to grow and deepen as folks come and go. Whenever one of us travels we inevitably visit a fellow Global Tea Hut member and come back to our local gatherings with stories about connecting and sharing tea. Even with 8 million people, New York City can be a lonely place for many. Sharing tea together and offering it to passersby builds connections and provides a bit of peace in this bustling town. The particularly neat thing about Tea is that it is a practice you can easily share with others in an accessible way. Sitting still in meditation is challenging at first. Drinking a cup of tea is easy and can't be argued with. Tea is a darn good gateway to maintaining a meditation practice and so many other healthy life choices that put you in harmony with the rest of the world.

Timo Einpaul (Estonia)

Global Tea Hut is an absolute must for any tea lover. As a unique, authentic and trustworthy source of amazing tea knowledge, it covers tea from all of the various perspectives, everything from culture, ceremony and self-cultivation to processing and preparation, encompassing all interests and topics in the field of tea. I have been part of Global Tea Hut for the past eight years and it has never ceased to surprise me how the magazine constantly refines and grows with each coming issue.

Rivo Sarapik (Estonia)

Besides this amazing community of Tea people all around the world, practical knowledge about Tea and these amazing Teas, Global Tea Hut has directed me towards something beyond words. A Way of Life. Something that sounds very simple yet has changed everything.

Jing Ren (The Netherlands)

Amazingly mind-blowing teas. Extensive and varied writings on all things tea including topics such as history, processing, Chinese translations and classics, culture, Zen, and probably anything else you can think of. And along the way, you can meet wonderful people with whom you can share a cup of tea in silence as well as in meaningful conversation!

Lera Zujeva (UK)

I discovered the Global Tea Hut community in 2014 and it has been changing my life ever since. The practice, the method, the reverence for tea—the way GTH views and practices tea connects us to magic that ordinary life is, evokes intimacy with life—something that all of us are missing and ultimately crave for. I have grown, and I am still growing with each bowl. And the sense of tea community, tea family is incredible. I met so many amazing deep friends through it that feel truly like a family. Travelled to the places I wouldn't have, met ancient Tea trees, stayed in the most welcoming and caring Tea Sage Hut in Taiwan, delved into Tea and Zen practice in the Spanish mountains. Discovered the spiritual side of tea, which is extremely important to me. It wouldn't have been possible without this incredible community. I am constantly in awe of all the work that is done by Wu De and volunteers and all the members. And my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

Antonio Moreno (Spain)

Every time somebody asks me where I can recommend they learn about tea, I’m quick to tell them about Global Tea Hut as I firmly believe there is no better place to learn about tea and besides, they get to actually drink amazing organic teas as well and form community with other tea lovers around the world who value tea culture and organic farming!

Raneta Coolakova (Russia)

This magazine is the most reliable source of knowledge about tea, its culture and history, and tea wisdom in the English-speaking world. My favourite issues are these unique translations of the classics and fundamental texts of Chinese tea culture from Lu Yu to modern scholars and collectors. Being a subscriber for more than 8 years, since the Global Tea Hut was black and white, every month I am still waiting for the day when the magazine arrives.

Tarmo Aidantausta (Finland)

Global Tea Hut has given me a Dao and many tea friends around the world. So obviously I love it!

Emma Potz (USA)

My favorite day of the month is the day when Global Tea Hut arrives at my doorstep. I love opening the package to discover a new tea and magazine that brings me deeper and deeper into the world of tea! There is so much tea wisdom that pours over each page of the magazine. Global Tea Hut has connected me with a community of tea drinkers all over the world. There is something so special about all of us sharing the same tea each month.

Alisa Ratner (USA)

Global Tea Hut is so meaningful to me because I trust I will receive the purest living tea and teaware purveyed with such knowledge, love and passion. The magazine is a constant source of inspiration. It is astonishing that so much material about Zen and Tea is available in English, and is published monthly, and arrives from Taiwan in my mailbox complete with a tin of clean & sustainable tea! It is a privilege to be part of the tea community which contains so many treasured sisters and brothers.

Becky Houchin (UK)

We discovered Global Tea Hut by accident and I'm very thankful for all the decisions and people that aligned for it to happen. Tea offers an anchor to our very busy life and gives us a reason to sit and be still. It's been a medium for connection to our selves and the other amazing people we have met along our journey so far.

Rich Allum (UK)

As much as I love tea, and I do, I love being part of a global community even more. I've travelled to numerous countries and made friends and drank tea in each one, owing it all to being a member of Global Tea Hut. At times when travelling isn't possible, the community is still there for me online through social media or the Global Tea Hut app. Since we joined life has never been the same and we have never looked back!

Yuliya Maslyn (Sweden)

Joining Global Tea Hut was an instant upgrade to my life. Every month I receive a magazine created with so much love and care for the reader and nature that it inspires me to be a better version of myself. Through the years I have deepened my spiritual practice with the help of tea and the community which has got a family feel to it.

Måns Kämpe (Sweden)

Through Global Tea Hut I have discovered not just a world of amazing tea, but also the craft, culture and tradition that is as fascinating and important as the leaf itself. Along the way I have found new perspectives on myself and life in general, as well as a whole community of friends around the world.

Jesse Örö (Finland)

Global Tea Hut is the single best source for tea information in English. It is a monthly invitation to learn more about tea.

Steve Kokker (Estonia)

Receiving Global Tea Hut has become a cherished part of my life. It is a reminder to stay true to what is true, and to keep aligned with that which best nourishes our positive development.

Matthew Grohne (USA)

Global Tea Hut first helped me deepen my knowledge of tea as a hobby. Then, it led me to explore tea as a practice and to connect with a community of people who would become friends. Now, serving tea has become a means by which I serve others—including my patients—and foster a tranquility that the world sorely needs.

Zoe Konovalov (Australia)

When I started drinking tea I always knew that there were so many mysteries and age-old culture and tradition hidden behind my simple ritual of leaves in a pot. But I had no idea where or how to learn about it. I didn't know anybody else who cared about tea. For fifteen years it was an important part of my life, but I knew the whole time that I was waiting for the chance to go deeper. As soon as I learned about the Tea Sage Hut I jumped at the chance to go. Wu De and the crew treated me with incredible care and generosity. I will always remember my time there with overflowing gratitude.

Now I know that there is still so much tea mystery and age-old culture I haven't learned, but I have got a hold of a golden thread that I can follow, through the pages of the Global Tea Hut magazine and the community that has built around it. In my hectic life with two small children under three, the few moments I can spare in the morning to spend time with tea fill my cup for the rest of the day. My daughter has been watching me, and sometimes joins me for a few cups. She is always quiet and calm when she is around tea, and she already holds her toy teapot to pour with her index finger on the button. I can't wait to share more with her. Thank you from all of us, Global Tea Hut!

Sarah Jacobs (Australia)

Every month receiving my Global Tea Hut magazine and monthly tea, I hold it in my hands feeling this is something very special. A carved out space for me to connect with the cultural, historical and spiritual aspects of tea centered around the topic of the magazine each month. The teas are a true gift. Each one a special offering, deepening my experience of drinking clean teas born from healthy soil and loving hands. Thank you Global Tea Hut, I'm so grateful to be on this tea journey with you!

Andjelka Jankovic (Australia)

Global Tea Hut is love made visible. It's a rare analog delight in a digital world! You can feel the reverence and beauty imbued in the magazine and tea that arrives every month like a care package from a dear friend. Tea is transformative beyond words and an unending conversation for the rest of my life, falling in love with her is inevitable.

Annual Photo Contest

Our annual tradition of celebrating tea photography is one of our favorite ways to promote Tea spirit and bring the worldwide community together! This year we have had so many wonderful entries. We will be announcing the winners in the October issue.

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