About Our Center 

For more than ten years, our center, Tea Sage Hut, in Miao Li, Taiwan, hosted thousands of visitors and volunteers from around the world who came to learn about tea and meditation. We operated Tea Sage Hut on a donation basis, meaning that the courses were free. There was a donation box, but no one ever demanded you give, nor checked who gave or how much. Wu De always says, “We don’t want you to give—we want you to want to give!” In other words, only give if you really want to pass the experience you had at the center on to future guests, just as your course was paid for by previous tea lovers. We don’t want donations given out of obligation, but in the spirit of tea—money shared freely and lovingly, as the tea we served in the course was.

We offered hundreds of ten-day “Introduction to Cha Dao” courses at Tea Sage Hut before its doors were closed in 2019. Now we are enthusiastic to build a bigger, better and more permanent tea center, which we call “Light Meets Life.” This new center will offer a much greater variety of courses on tea and meditation. It will also be a working tea farm with old-growth, ecological tea gardens for guests to work and live in during their stay, getting hands-on experience in tea processing as well as understanding the ecology and nature of sustainably-stewarded tea trees. We are currently working on buying land and building Light Meets Life. To stay up to date or contribute to this beautiful project, visit Light Meets Life.

If you haven’t yet visited our center, we hope that you will one day, and that you too will come to feel and understand, as hundreds of visitors have, that this is not our center we are building, but rather yours. Join us in creating the world’s best and brightest tea farm and center!

About Us

My name is Shen Su. I came across this tea community back in 2012 and have been involved ever since. These last seven years working here at the Hut have certainly been the adventure of a lifetime! I'm endlessly grateful that the opportunity presented itself. I manage the office here, running all the shipping of Global Tea Hut and your tea/teaware orders. If you email about a tea order, you will be chatting with me. Should you find yourself eastward-bound in the future, it would be an honor to share tea with you at Light Meets Life. In the meantime, I'll raise a bowl to our friendship. 

I am Jaanus and I am from the little North European country of Estonia. I have been at the Center since 2018. When I’m not drinking tea or meditating, I create photography for the magazine, make videos, manage our social media platforms and host the Life of Tea podcast. I like drinking boiled tea outdoors, geeking out on photography and filmmaking and enjoy watching movies with plot twists. Chances are we have already exchanged messages on social media, as I run that for the Hut. I look forward to sharing tea with all of you in our future Center, Light Meets Life!

My name is Connor. I am from the mountains of Australia and have been here at the Center on and off for a number of years. I manage the Global Tea Hut and Tea Dyed Art websites, take care of emails and subscriptions, along with spending time in the kitchen cooking or fermenting and outside gardening or taking care of our turtles and koi fish. I look forward to connecting with all of you and sharing tea one day at Light Meets Life! Let me know if you have any suggestions for our websites!

My name is Shinni. I have been working with Global Tea Hut for over six years now. I help in a lot of ways to ensure things flow smoothly. I mainly help by working with local companies to source supplies for shipping Global Tea Hut each month along with sending out your tea and teaware orders.

My name is Joyce. I help with translations for Global Tea Hut magazine, liaison with local companies and help to look for a property for our new Center, Light Meets Life. In my spare time, I teach piano and spend time drinking tea outdoors.

About Wu De 

For more than twenty-five years Wu De has dedicated himself to the study and teaching of Cha Dao and Zen in all their forms, writing books, articles and traveling the world teaching.

Aaron Fisher was born in a very small town in Ohio and grew up practicing martial arts, which first introduced him to Eastern practices. In college, he studied anthropology and Asian philosophy. At that time, he also began a meditation practice, which ultimately led him to India upon graduation. After a few years in India, he traveled Asia, eventually settling in Japan and then Taiwan, where he has continued his studies of meditation and tea ceremony to this day. “Wu De” is his dharma name, given when he committed more deeply to Zen practice.

Wu De's Art 

All of Wu De’s artwork is dyed in years of tea practice, and each brush is literally filled with tea liquor, imparting Cha Dao in every stroke. Fill your space with tea spirit and the inspiration to put another kettle on…

Wu De's Books