Incense Stick Set
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Incense Stick Set

An educational set for exploring the geography and grades of aloeswood.


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Merauke Aloeswood Coils


Nha Trang Aloeswood Coils


Cinnabar Incense Sticks


Samadhi Incense Sticks


Bright Mirror


Holy Lotus Incense Sticks


Pureland Incense Sticks


Blue Lotus Incense Sticks


Lakawood Incense Sticks


Jayapura Aloeswood Sticks


Ambon Aloeswood Sticks


Aloeswood Powder Set


Vietnamese “Hui An”

5 grams of sunken grade Aloeswood powder.


Indonesian "Shin Zhou" Medium Grade

5 grams of Eaglewood powder.


Indonesian "Shin Zhou" Common Grade

5 grams of a simple Aloeswood powder.


Raw Aloeswood Set

This is a set of two nice raw Aloeswoods from Indonesia and Vietnam.


Incense Ceremony Starter Set

 Start learning about incense ceremony with this starter set


Box of Incense Charcoal

A box of charcoal for incense ceremony.


Stamped Incense Set


Cloud Stamp


Crackled Censer


Silver Utensils


Electric Burner
Electric Burner

A beautiful handpainted electric burner for incense ceremony.

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Silver Plate

 You can use this with an electric burner or in a traditional incense ceremony instead of a mica plate.


Black Felt

 These pieces of fireproof felt can be cut to any shape, turning anything into a censer.


Silver Incense Chopsticks

Hand-forged pure silver chopsticks for incense ceremony.


Silver Tweezers

Hand-forged pure silver tweezers for incense ceremony.


Chinese Incense Culture