Incense Stick Set
Incense Stick Set
Incense Stick Set

Incense Stick Set


This set of incense sticks is an educational journey through the geography and grades of aloeswood chosen by our teacher Chen Yuting. This set was designed to accompany our online course which covers this information. If you have signed up for our course, you will get a 15% discount on this set of incense sticks. All the sticks are made from wild, raw aloeswood combined with 10% Phoebe Zhennan bark powder used for binding (it is odorless). This set is perfect for tea or for meditation, and also for learning all about this amazing wood. It includes 5 grades:

   E) Indonesian "Shin Zhou"
   D) Indonesian "Sunken"
   C) Indonesian "Qi Shiang"
   B) Vietnamese "Ya Zhuang"
   A) Vietnamese "Sunken"

E, D and C are all “Shin Zhou” aloeswood from Indonesia at different grades based on varietal, resin and age.

A & B are both "Hui An" aloeswood from Vietnam of “sunken” grade. A is marked higher as it is more aromatic and sensual, but B is deeper and more meditative, which also can teach us about the energetic properties of aloeswood.
This set spans the spectrum of quality as well, allowing you to move up a range of aloeswood. In fact, 80% of the cost is in the highest two tubes, so the prices of these aloeswood tubes range from $10 for the cheapest tube to nearly $100 for the most expensive. This will allow you to travel through not only regions but different qualities of aloeswood as well. (The price of "Hui An" aloeswood goes up much higher than this actually).