Zisha Kettle

This zisha clay kettle holds approximately 900ml.


Gongfu Kettle
Gongfu Kettle

This gorgeous kettle holds approximately 1L.

$147.00 $195.00

Peter Kuo Kettle
Sold Out
Peter Kuo Kettle

This kettle holds approximately 2L.


Temporarily unavailable

Cloud Kettle

This kettle holds approximately 1.8L


Cloudstone Brazier
Cloudstone Brazier

These braziers are designed to keep your kettle warm once boiled. 

$132.00 $165.00

Lantern Brazier

This brazier is designed to keep your kettle warm once boiled. 


Cloud Kettle Set

This kettle set comes with a kettle and alcohol brazier.


Glass Kettle

This glass kettle has a capacity of approximately 1L. 


Silver Leaves

Pure silver tea leaves for improving your water.


Water Crystals

These will help improve the quality of your water. 


Medicine Stones

These stones will help soften your water. 


Light Cloudstone Cauldron with Ladle

These cauldrons hold approximately 1.5L.


Light Cloudstone Cauldron Set
Light Cloudstone Cauldron Set

$300.00 $375.00

Handmade Ladle


Handmade Water Ladle