Bulang Set

Bulang Set


This set of four teas allows you to tour the Bulang region and drink several examples of what its forest has to offer. This is a great way to get started exploring a wonderful part of Yunnan. Some say that Bulang tea has a hint of butter (or ghee to us) in its flavor. It is also very dark and ages to an orange color faster than other puerh teas. The liquor is also thicker than many regions, though not as thick as Yiwu tea often is. And the old-growth tea from Bulang is renowned for its patience, lasting many steepings. In this set, we have an epic completely wild Bulang tea made by our friend Mr. Liang called Heavenly Rhyme. Then we have Forest Crown which is a well-known old-growth cake from 2006 that has a very complex and thick liquor. We also have two classic Menghai region blends which are created around Bulang tea, Reverie from 2011 and Dragon Tail from 2012.
Together these four teas will allow you to taste different ages and qualities of Bulang tea, including a wild example. You can start to develop an understanding of what makes Bulang tea unique from other regions. What do these four teas have in common? How are they unique? You can also taste some of the classic Menghai region blends which very often included Bulang tea, along with Lao Man’e, Bada and other regions. This allows you to experience the difference between single-region and blended puerh. Most all teas of the Masterpiece Era (1950-1972) and Chi Tze Era (1972-1998) were blends. Before that, most were single-region and since the early 1990s single-region puerh has become popular again. Tasting blends versus single region not only allows you to taste the strengths and weaknesses of each, but there is also the interesting experiment of seeing if you can recognize the Bulang raw material in the blends after tasting the single-region teas. This is exciting!
You will receive 50 grams of each tea.