Factory Code Set

Factory Code Set


In the late 1990s the internal recipe codes of the largest puerh factory, Menghai, became public knowledge and many of the new smaller factories that were open wanted to try their hand at making these famous recipes of old. These generic recipe cakes are now very affordable and clean, as there were little to no agrochemicals in Yunnan in the late 1990s.

The factory codes are broken into three parts. The "75" is the year the recipe began (not this cake but the blend); the "3" is the average leaf size (1 to 9, so rather small in this case); and the "2" represents Menghai factory (there weren't many factories in those days, so single digits would do).

7532 is very "tippy," meaning that it is produced with lots of buds. The buds make the liquor thick and sweet. The storage on this cake is clean. It can be aged or enjoyed now. This is a beautiful cake, indeed. 7542 is the most famous, balanced recipe of all time and 8582 is a large-leaf recipe with material from older trees. 

Here is a chance to learn, tasting all three together. We are offering 50-gram packets of each in this set of three!