Warm Sunrise Chawan
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Warm Sunrise Chawan


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Petr Novak

Petr Novák has over two decades of experience as a seasoned teaware artist. Deeply immersed in tea culture, Petr’s work is inspired by his personal connection to tea. His work is internationally recognized and used by tea lovers from all around the world. Petr creates highly functional teaware for multiple settings including casual tea drinking as well as for special occasions and celebrations. With a focus mainly on ceremonial pieces, his aim is to create teaware to support tea enthusiasts in their meditation practice with tea also known as Cha Dao, The Way of Tea. His designs are created to bring ease and joy to their tea tables.

Always studying and passionately searching for new inspirations, Petr regularly visits tearooms, tea gardens, and potter’s studios from the far East such as Korea, China, and Taiwan. Although he is an experienced traveler, he finds his main source of growth from his personal Tea practice and in the experiences of those who use teaware during their daily rituals. He highly encourages thoughts and feedback anytime, it is always welcome and appreciated.