Artisanal Teaware

Our Artisans Include:

Petr Novák

Petr Novák has over two decades of experience as a seasoned teaware artist. Deeply immersed in tea culture, Petr’s work is inspired by his personal connection to tea. His work is internationally recognized and used by tea lovers from all around the world. Petr creates highly functional teaware, with a focus mainly on ceremonial pieces, his aim is to create teaware to support tea enthusiasts in their meditation practice with tea also known as Cha Dao, The Way of Tea. His designs are created to bring ease and joy to their tea tables.

Always studying and passionately searching for new inspirations, Petr regularly visits tearooms, tea gardens, and potter’s studios from the far East such as Korea, China, and Taiwan. Although he is an experienced traveler, he finds his main source of growth from his personal tea practice and in the experiences of those who use teaware during their daily rituals. He highly encourages thoughts and feedback anytime, it is always welcome and appreciated.

Teaware Made By Petr Novák

Shen Su

Shen Su has been a chajin since 2012, spending much of that time in Taiwan. His passion for woodworking grew out of a love of tea over all those years, eventually taking shape in 2020 when he started to acquire the tools and skills to build his shop. He began making pieces that supported his tea practice and quickly learned that they could support the practice of others as well. Shen’s work is mainly focused on tea-specific projects inspired by his personal practice and commitment to Cha Dao, from water ladles, puerh trays, trivets, and tea scoops, to small tea tables, incense censers, jian shui, and flower vases. Shen feels fortunate that his time steeped in tea can guide the parameters of this work, bringing the aesthetic of tea and the importance of function into balance with one another. He has found great inspiration from his tea teacher along the way, and many other teaware artists within the community, whom he is constantly learning from and even collaborating with. It is with great joy that Shen can continue to refine his woodworking practice and offer his tea works to this Global Tea Hut community.

Teaware Made By Shen Su

Chen Qi Nan

Chen Qi Nan was born in Jia Yi in southern Taiwan. He graduated from university with a degree in electrical engineering and began a successful career and family. At the age of 27 he started taking pottery lessons from Master Ching Hua. "From the very first time I touched the clay it resonated deep in my soul," he says. As he advanced in his art, his career and life made less sense to him, and in 1994, Master Chen decided to try to make a living from his art. He opened the "Eight Piece Ceramic Art Studio" with his wife and six friends. The next several years would be very difficult ones for Master Chen. "One must suffer for their art," he laughs. All six of his friends closed their shops and returned to their previous careers when the art failed to reward them. Master Chen and his family also faced financial hardship. They had to sell their more practical pieces, like plates and bowls, at a roadside stand or market and even then often failed to make ends meet. Master Chen eventually tried returning to work as an engineer, but he confesses that "my heart just wasn't in it." He finally decided that come rain or come shine his life would be one of artistic integrity: "My years of Qigong had taught me to be sensitive to my inner self. I chose to live without regret." And when he put his heart and soul into his art without regard for accreditation or financial reward, people in Taiwan began to notice. In the years since that commitment, Master Chen has seen a dramatic improvement. Not only has he won awards for his sculpture and teaware, but also his innovations have captured the interest of tea lovers around the world. The sidehandles and kettles that he makes use a special clay blend that is both durable and extremely light. The wood for the handles is gathered during his hikes in the mountains where he draws inspiration for his craft.

Teaware Made By Chen Qi Nan

More artists coming soon