Wind in the Pines
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Wind in the Pines

 1960s/70s Taiwanese Sencha


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Plum Rain
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Plum Rain

 2022 Spring Ecological Green Tea

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Bamboo Shoot

 2024 Spring Organic Green Tea


Cloud Temple

 Taiwanese Green Tea


Winter Cheer

Honey Fragrance Red Tea Blended With Organic Ginger


Calm Fragrance Red

Bug-Bitten Taiwanese Red Tea


Red Rhyme

 Taiwan 21 Red Tea



Aged Bug-Bitten Red Tea


Plum Blossom

 2015 Li Shan High Mountain Red Tea



1990s Sun Moon Lake Red Tea


Red Sun Rising

Aged Qimen Red Tea


Shan Cha

Wild Taiwanese Red Tea


Ruby Red

2022 Taiwan Cultivar 18 Red Tea  



Sun Moon Lake Old-Growth Red Tea


Dragon Rising

 Spring Blend of Medicinal Herbs and Green Tea


White Tiger Crouching

 Autumn Blend of Medicinal Herbs and Red Tea


Premium Ruby Red

Old-Growth Red Tea