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When you subscribe to Global Tea Hut, you receive a monthly ad-free magazine printed on eco-paper with soy ink. You will learn a tremendous amount about tea, teaware, tea brewing, processing, history and lore. Global Tea Hut also comes with sustainably produced teas every month. This subscription is a great way to learn about tea, drinking and reading along, as the first article of every issue is all about the Tea of the Month. All the proceeds from your Global Tea Hut subscription support our free tea Center in Miaoli, Taiwan, Light Meets Life, where we host tea courses year round. Please give what you can. The more you contribute, the more free bowls of tea you share with others!

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The Current Issue: June 2020


This month we cross the zenith of yet another spectacular year sharing tea. We will be drinking a rare and precious wild red tea that is its own species while we discuss the history, glory, art and craftsmanship of traditional Japanese silver kettles, which are called “ginbin.” The tea world truly has so much to offer!

June Tea of the Month

Shan Cha, Wild Red Tea
Nantou, Taiwan

This amazing tea, called “Mountain Tea (Shan Cha, 山茶)” by locals, is said to have been drunk long ago by early settlers. Some aboriginals claim that it was the “Tea of the Gods (Shen Cha, 神茶),” drunk by their ancestors in ceremonies. These tea trees are actually the ancestors and heritage of the manmade varietal we shared in January of 2020 called “Ruby Red (紅玉).” That tea, also known as “cultivar #18,” was bred using Shan Cha and Camellia sinensis var. assamica from Burma and/or Yunnan.

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